Kaori Fuchi Advisors Tokyo Japan Companies Voice

Rika Kasahara, Finance, ISOFOTON JAPAN Co., Ltd

Spanish company who manufacturers solar panels

We are a Spanish manufacturer producing solar panels. In March this year, we incorporated the company in Japan and since we had to start from scratch, a lot of things were new to us. Ms. Fuchi was introduced to us by our social security consultant. She is also fluent in English so she has no problem communicating with my boss who doesn’t speak much Japanese. And she always answers carefully and politely to even the most trivial things that we are not sure about. We find her to be a very dependable tax consultant who is fluent in English and knows overseas as well as Japanese tax systems.

Yasuhiro Doi, Representative Director & President, First Design Inc.

Construction company who owns foreign subsidiaries

I met Ms. Fuchi on the recommendation of a client. She has a firm grasp of the current state of the monthly accounting and audits, and the future direction and advice we have received are linked to a sense of security. I feel reassured in managing the company, but am also grateful for the advice and guidance I receive from many different angles.

When we set up a foreign subsidiary, her shrewd advice has been an enormous support for us.

Not relying on accounting software, with email and on the phone I can meet her directly for a consultation, and apart from accounting I have gained much insight from her on matters such as insurance.

Kenjiro Miyazaki, Operation Manager, Two Dogs holdings Co., Ltd

Managed a beer restaurant in Roppongi

She had introduced by a friend of our representative.

Both English and Japanese explanations are clear and empathetic.

I feel comfortable when Ms. Fuchi explains the Japanese Tax System to the details in English as our owner is a foreigner. They support us in various situations.

Mami Takahashi, Operation Manager, Jake Dyson Products Co., Ltd

UK company (Related company of Dyson) who produces lighting devices

We are UK company who imports lighting products and wholesales in Japan.

We felt confident by reading their business content on the homepage.

They always give us courteous advice when there are some questions. They look after even unique companies like us very well. We realise that it is useful that our office is in the same building as them.

I recommend them to foreign people who are thinking of establishing a business in Japan. Their blog is quite useful for Japanese too.

Mitchell Kobayashi, BELLEZZA ITALIANA Co., Ltd

Italy company who imports organic cosmetics

Our director is Italian so needed to have meetings in English.

They can provide the necessary company accounting documentation efficiently. In case we are unclear about anything, we can consult them any time.All the staff members are very reliable.If you speak to them once, you will know that!