Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: The Old Village and the Modern Village

Many of today’s millennials, especially those living in large cities, do not have experience in rural living. They have probably spent a day or two visiting relatives in the old family village or town; but they have not really come to know the kind of life their parents or grandparents went through, other than from hearing stories and reading books.

Perhaps, for the benefit of these young people and to remind the adults of where all other previous generations originated, let us go back to the old village for a moment. The first thing that often comes to mind is the homogeneity of the old village – meaning, there was no stark variety in house design. In Asian villages, it was all bamboo and palm-leaf roofing, in general. In other countries, wood and stone were used. But in general, there was no painting, no steel grills or concrete posts and no cement floors even.

Also, all homes had trees and gardens around them and everyone took care of some kind of animals for their basic food supply – chickens, goats, geese, ducks and pigeons. A few homes had a deep well and served other neighbors as well. A few also had a small store catering homes close to it. Basically, that was it. People tended their farms near their homes and sold them at the town market. Simple and peaceful. Our parents and grandparents had everything they needed and lived long happy lives.

And now the modern village: Take away the ducks and geese, along with the goats and, perhaps, pigeons. We can retain the garden but replace it with potted herbs and spices. We can forget about the bamboo or wood house. We now have the concrete and steel house, all painted or paneled with engineered materials or surrounded by aluminum and glass windows. In most modern villages, especially the high-end ones, stores are not allowed. Variety stores and restos are located by entrance of the village or in a nearby location. In the middle or in several parts of the village are open spaces with a country club or a playground and, perhaps, a lagoon with a promenade.

Depending on where one grew up, in the first, the second or in both, personal biases will always remain. We all have the freedom of choice how we live our lives. For many, in fact, the choice has been made for them. Of course, some have chosen to live the way they want to and decided to live in a big mansion in the country or a modern cottage in a farm.

Majority, however, have embraced the modern village as the ultimate expression of personal freedom and convenient living. It provides all the necessities and amenities of communal living in the suburban and urban areas. Families, especially in the middle class, have been the economic engine that sustained the growth of the real estate industry’s venture into residential housing development. Bell Moore has been part of this effort to provide service in satisfying the property needs of tenants and buyers for many years. It has come a long way to understanding the complex nature of property operations, just as the village has come a long way on its journey of evolving into what it is now. Whatever your lifestyle choice is, Bell Moore has the capability to meet your unique needs.



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